Mantra for the Day: It is Always Something

So, this mantra may sound a bit negative or morose.  But, it is not meant to be.  It’s a powerful way to allow things to pass without getting too worked up or involved with them.

I used to think that I would get through this one thing and then there would be a perfect life waiting for me on the other end. I used to believe that climbing obstacles was a task.  But, as I get older, I see that those climbs are the journey.  Journeying through life is hard, by the way.

Because humans face challenges and life is not fair or easy, we look for ways to reassure ourselves that things will get easier.  And, it is true that they almost always will.  If you are in a tough spot in your life, there is a very high likelihood that you will get through to the other side and that there will be some sunshine waiting for you there.

But, by the same token, that new sunshiney place will be filled with its own set of challenges and obstacles.  And, if you do not know that beforehand, you are in for a huge disappointment.  In addition, you end up living your life in a metaphorical purgatory playing a waiting game that will only depress you and suck the fun out of life.

Nothing is guaranteed and no one can tell you what tomorrow holds. But, when you go through life always waiting and thinking the best is yet to come, you miss the good stuff – the stuff that is happening now.

“It’s always something,” therefore is a reminder that the mountain you trek today may fall into the distance but that new and difficult tasks will surely be set before you.  But, difficulty is the nature of the human experience. It is not easy.  It is not ever going to be perfect.  And, there will always be something that you can choose to allow to bring you down.

I used to believe that once I moved away from home, graduated college, had kids, got married, bought a home, got the job that I wanted or finished a huge project that there would be a huge shift and everything would be easier.  But, then, believe it or not – things kept happening, and new obstacles were always ready to fill the space of the old ones.

So, accepting that will always give a person peace.  It may sound like it would work you  up or make you nervous and it might depending on the exacts of the circumstances. But, It’s actually quite a relaxing notion.  Whatever I get through today will be followed by more things to get through tomorrow and, therefore, enjoying  the journey is your best bet at a happy life.

So, when I am faced with a task that seems difficult or, heck, even impossible I like to remind myself that there will always be something. Just like every other challenge I have met and conquered, I will do the same with this one.  And, once this one is over another will surely arise. No rush. No hurry. No worry.   Worrying is a product of thinking that we can control life and, put simply, we cannot.  

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