Mantra for the Day: All is Well

You guys know me and my mantras. I have come  to realize the true power of the tapes that I play in my head… so I am always on the hunt for new things to tell myself, new ways to remind myself of how flipping awesome I am, and new phrases that will promote positivity in my life.

This one has been my favorite for about a week…

Sure, it is sort of a lie since all is never completely well.  That’s impossible. But, it is also the truth…


When you start to feel like things are falling apart around you.  Find everything around you that is not falling apart, and that is well. You will almost undoubtedly see that there is more to be happy about than miserable.

Misery will find you in your life and stress will certainly never be gone completely.   But, every day that you are alive is a good day and, on a good day, when it is all said and done… all is well.

So, if you find yourself worrying over little thing so thinking way off into the future, or into the past (please NO!), just say to yourself; All is well.  You might be surprised what this tiny little affirmation can do to positively affect your day.

Let me know if it worked for you in the comments, and be sure to share your own mantras…


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