Writer’s Block Happens when You Stop Writing for Fun

I do not blog, post articles, etc. much lately on this site and I have seen my readership plummet.  But, for months now, I stare at the screen and nothing comes out. Nothing at all comes out.  I have never suffered from serious writer’s block until now. It’s pretty terrible.

I write for work, as a copywriter and even a blogger on other people’s sites.  But, generally, I write for an assignment.  I do not sit and journal. I do not spend time  creating a lot of work that I am really excited about.

And, the reason is that I am exhausted. By the time I take care of my kids, do my paying work, keep up with the house and my marriage and on and on and on… I have nothing left. I am truly on empty.  I am not always on empty but I am a lot.  I am running on emotional fumes and I am starting to break down a bit.   Not a ton.  But, some.

My not writing has been a symptom of that and it makes me so sad because singers sing, painters paint, and writers write.  I do not remember NOT writing.  My entire childhood is a blur in many, many ways.  It was a weird period. But, I always wrote and wrote and wrote.  I never stopped.  I would sit up for hours and journal and doodle and write poems and do word associations. I would play with words like molders play with clay.  But, I have abandoned that type of creativity and I have not been able to share much lately because of it.

It’s almost a sense of illness. I can’t clear my mind or relax and I have the sense that I am wasting time or not on the right path or… something.  But, when I write, when I really write – that all flies away. And, when a reader tells me that they loved something – that all flies away.

Writing, when done well, is bearing your soul.  Even when it is not done well, it is often one’s attempt at bearing their soul.  Words are the most powerful medium in the world of art, as far as I can tell. Words shape everything.  In my career as a marketing freelancer I have found this to be true: What you say about something, the way you narrate something, speak about something or share something – it shapes everyone’s view of that thing.    Writing is finding words to communicate in a way that makes the reader stop for a second.  

“Huh. I never thought of it that way, heard it said that way, or would have used that phrase. I like that.”

(or something along those lines.)

And, if you are writing with any intensity or passion – the reader will feel that.  If you are writing your truth, or sharing a unique creative spark – they will feel that. That’s the gift of writing.  It’s a mutually beneficial gift.

So, I guess this is my way of saying that I am back.  And, also if you are a writer who never writes stuff that they really, really like – you need to fix that like yesterday.



Also, I am going to start creating my visual writing prompts again as I think a lot of people seemed to like those and find those useful, so keep an eye out for those. 

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