Mantra for the Day: Everyone is Crazy

Hi! How are you?  Going nuts?  Feeling overwhelmed?  Need a nap?  Forget what you were even doing a minute ago? How is your hair?  Did you get enough coffee this morning?  How are you feeling lately? Are you crazy?

Yes. You are. Aren’t you?  You’re nuttier than a Snickers bar.  Don’t deny it.  Just embrace it.  I’ll let you in on a secret:

We are all friggin’ crazy.


Now, of course, there are degrees and there are standards by which we live and we have to be cognizant of how we approach people, as well as how they approach us. So, most of us know how to keep our crazy under wraps just enough that no one catches on.

But, we each have our own special brand of nutcase that we offer to those that we love – those that we really let in. 

And, lucky them, they get to see your evil, twisted, mean, sarcastic, tired, scarred, baggage carrying, morning breath, self.  They get to see all of that crazy.  But, if we are lucky, a few of those people stick it out with us.  A few of our closest friends and family embrace the lunacy inside of each and every one of us.

Perfection doesn’t happen, isn’t real, sounds nice but will never be reality and probably wouldn’t be very interesting. Crazy, on the other hand, well crazy is everywhere. And, when we know that life is much simpler. No one is perfect. No one is nailing it at everything in life.  And, all of us are just hoping that no one notices our mistakes.

So, when you start to wonder if you are the only one in the office, the  neighborhood, the school or the play group (whatever it is) just remember that you are not alone.  You are not alone in your worry, your self-esteem issues, your need for intimacy, your fear of intimacy, your bad hair days – any of it.

I promise. 

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