Single Parents are BEASTS

It’s been a rough day here at the Gray household.  It’s been a rough couple of days, if I am honest. You see, my kids have lost their shit.  But, I am starting to see my part in it.  I am inconsistent and I (boo! hiss!) yell at them.  I am a part of the reason that they are acting up.  But, I am not all of it.  They are also just very bad little people bent on my destruction and misery.

In any case, this little hellish journey into misery that we have been experiencing for the last couple of days has made me realize that I have to be more consistent with my kids and I can’t let them run all over me one day because I am tired and then the next day being harder on them than I should.


And, it occurs to me whenever we have times like this that I would seriously probably not be able to do this without my husband.  Now, truth be told, I would figure it out.  I know I would. I know that my love for my kids would be more than enough motivation. But, at this moment, I have zero concept of what it would be like to do it all alone.  Even when my husband worked long hours he was making money for our family and always very emotionally connected to the kids.

I have no idea how single parents do it. If you are lucky enough to have an awesome and cooperative co-parent then I imagine that that is a great comfort and help.  But, there are so many single parents who are doing it almost completely on their own.  

Those people are responsible for the finances, schooling, meal preparation, doctor’s appointments, dentist appointments, cleaning, vaccinations, days home from school, daycare, college preparation, and more.

And, I guess I just wanted to say…

You are beasts.

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