Teacher Gifts for the End of the Year

As the school year comes to a close, it is important to remind ourselves of the value of our teachers and what they do for our children.  They are underpaid, and exhausted. So, if you have a minute, find a teacher and simply say “Thanks!”

A simple, inexpensive, thoughtful gift is one of the greatest ways to show that you understand just how much that they have done for you and your child over the last 9 months.



Here’s a round up of some simple ideas of ways to show yours and your child’s appreciation for that your child’s teacher did this year

101 Quick and Easy Teacher Gifts

Adorable gifts in jars that are cheap and simple, but will thrill your little one’s teacher.

 Quick Gift for a Coffee-loving Teacher

Starbucks gift card, a travel mug and perhaps a few pieces of chocolate.  What more does a tired teacher need?

Fun Gifts for the Beach Lover

Throw their favorite magazine, some sunscreen and a big water bottle together and wrap them all up in a soft beach towel.  Let them know that you hope that they relax this summer.


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