Series: Humanism in Literature:Hy Sobiloff

Every few weeks, I like to post a quote or piece of literature that embraces our most human aspects.

This series has been a lot of fun because I really enjoy reading and writing about people, humanity and human nature.

The latest in the series is by Hy Sobiloff. This poem always makes me smile.



The Child’s Sight (excerpt)


The child’s wisdom is in saying

They say what they see when they see it

I am beginning to remember how

When I don’t say it when I see it

I remember it differently


I am walking with the children

They have included me

None of us eavesdrops anymoe

We speak the same celestial gibberish

Our spirit ticks the same time

I feel again and am part of the inside world

Hy Siboloff


Click here for the full text of the poem.



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