10 Ways that Atheists can Fill the “Void”

One common question from people who are beginning to shy away from their church communities is: Well, what in the hell do I do now?

For so many, church and worship are a cornerstone of daily life.  But, there are many ways to fill that void, should you feel one.  Here’s a list of 10, just to get you started.



  1. Exercise.  Getting out and moving will relax you, ground you and make you feel powerful.  It will remind you of your own self-worth and help you to battle anxiety and depression. exercise.jpg
  2. Creativity is a fantastic way in which to find peace and connect with others. Art, writing, dance and the like can be very therapeutic, quell anxiety and give you purpose. If you don’t feel comfortable creating artwork on your own, try a coloring book. writing vintage lady.jpg
  3. Family is at the center of most people’s lives.  Concentrating on those you love HERE on Earth is a great way to make you feel important and keep you on “thr right path.”family
  4. Education is the key to success, the only way to be “better” and the best way to understand others.education.jpg
  5. Outdoor activity will calm you and help you to maintain perspective.  Gardening, farming, etc. are wonderful.  But, so is spending time on your 5th story outdoor porch  – if that is all that you have. Spending more time in green spaces has actually been proven to help people live longer.outdoors.jpg
  6. Animals, of any kind, are great.  But, in particular, pets like cats and dogs can have amazing effects on your health and happiness.animals
  7. Kids are magical and have a way of helping adults to see the big picture.  But, that doesn’t mean you have to go HAVE  a kid.  Volunteer at a local preschool, or take some babysitting jobs.  You will learn just as much from the kids as they do from you. kids.jpg
  8. Meditation and yoga are proven to have positive effects on the body and mind.  If you are uncomfortable with the idea of meditation, then think of it as simply quiet time.  It can be a great way to replace prayer for people looking for a way to slow down, and turn inward to find peace and solace.meditation and yoga.jpg
  9. Joining clubs or organizations can be an awesome way to find fellowship outside of a church or temple setting.  You can join a team, become a member of the school PTA for your kids, or join a book club.  It doesn’t matter what you do.  Humans are social creatures.  It is natural to crave  a sense of belonging.clubs.jpg
  10. Public service, in even the smallest ways, will give you satisfaction and joy beyond measure.  Serving your fellow man is fulfilling and a wonderful way to keep things in perspective.  service.jpg

These are just a few suggestions that have been proven, over time and through science, to bring people the sense of peace and a meaningful life that church can so often offer.


I would love to hear YOUR ideas!  How do you fill the hole in your life that religion once filled?  tell me in the comments.  Or tweet me – @Quiltlearning.

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