Trump’s Playing a Dangerous Game that WE are All Going to Lose

I am concerned about America.  I think something has gone wrong.  I am certainly no political scientist, so my opinion may not mean much.  But, I have to say something:

Donald Trump is a scary man.  I need for you, my reader, to trust me on this fact. Just for a bit, suspend your disbelief (if you have any) that Donald Trump is a bad dude.

Donald Trump is a bad dude, but he is only one dude. No matter how rich one dude is, he can’t get as far as he has in a democratic election without being the chosen representative for a huge portion of our society.  So, it’s less about him.  And, it’s more about what he represents.  There is something about him that represents an evil in our society.

But. if you support Trump, I don’t think that you are evil. I just think you have been terribly misled.  These types of campaigns have happened throughout  history.  The charismatic (?) leader, the guy who is ready to CHANGE EVERYTHING and who seems to think that immigrants and poor people are the problem… He’s been around before… ahem…


Let’s be real clear about something.  Poor people and immigrants are completely powerless.  They are not the problem.  It would be virtually impossible for them to take over our country, even if they wanted to.  They are not armed for this fight.  So, Trump is making a classic dickhead move (learned from a long line historical dickheads…) and bullying the crap out of the people with the least privilege in our society. Inside some of you guys is that bully, right? It’s human nature.  It’s not a great quality, but it exists in most humans on some level.  It’s that evil that I am talking about.  It’s our primal nature. So, when we are giving a scapegoat to pounce on, we will.  That is, unless we are contented and happy.

Contented and comfortable will just not do.  So, Trump has to make you as scared as possible. Inside each of us we have these instincts to protect ourselves. So, when he says to be scared, some may doubt him a bit, but many will  say “better safe than sorry…”

But, that’s a cowardly way to live and that’s what seems to have changed in our country.  Suddenly, we have forgotten that we are all, at most, a couple of hundred years removed from whatever boat our ancestors came off of.  And, that is supposed to be what makes us special.  We are not a country of kooks and religious nuts. We are not a country of racists and bigots. We are a country based on the ideals of freedom, particularly from religious oppression.  

So, if any of you out there are immigrants from any country in the world, including but not limited to Islamic countries, I would like for you to know that this is not who we all are.  The fact that I was born in America doesn’t make me better than you, in any way.  The fact that you came here after your birth does not indicate anything to me other than that you may have felt compelled to leave your home for any number of reasons including poverty, war or disease.  I see you for what you are.   You are humans who are interested in a lifestyle that you hope America has to offer.

I’m sorry to say we may not be that country anymore. At least not right now.

It’s worth mentioning that the Islamophobia trend just fell into the guy’s lap.  Donald Trump, in my opinion, is less afraid of immigrants and Islamic people than the average American.  I don’t think he has any reason to fear them. But, he knows he can convince you that you need to.  It’s not because he’s smart.  It’s because he is cunning, and mean.


The science shows that people who are anxious about the future tend to lean more politically conservative. They want someone who is not going to act erratically, someone you can predict. Trump, while his statements are sometimes shocking, is at the very least consistent. What is most interesting is that while people may be turned off by the content of Trump’s statements, they are so at ease with his persona of “truth telling” that what he is saying seems to matter less than the fact that he’s saying it. That means that we as a public can think that Trump is sexist, racist, or whatever the inflammatory comment du jour is, and still be more comfortable with him as a candidate because he appears to not be lying or hiding his feelings.

But, he is not being honest and forthright.  He is not speaking the truth.  I don’t think he is even speaking HIS truth.  I doubt that he has any idea what that is anymore.

There is something wrong with the way this man thinks and behaves.  He is cruel in the way he speaks about others, threatening and generally unkind.  I don’t think he should be in any public office, anywhere.  I am not sure that he is mentally ill (how can I be?) but I worry that he may be.

I don’t judge him because he is straightforward and “shoots from the hip.”  It’s not just that he is a loudmouth and says politically incorrect things. That bothers me.  But, it bothers me far less than the fact that he seems to have brainwashed a huge portion of the voting public into thinking he is going to create radical change through eradication of other races… Hmmm… again, sound familiar?

Let’s quickly run through a few of his more vile habits:

He threatens other politicians who criticize him.  He has also made comments to imply that he wants to alter our freedom of speech.  (No, really, look it up.)  And, seems to enjoy causing and wreaking mayhem and havoc.  (Seems pretty pumped when people get violent at his rallies, doesn’t her?) Last, but not least, this man has a truly backward way of looking at the world.  His global awareness is zero. His understanding of humanity and culture is zilch.  He represents everything that is less than great about human nature – greed, violence, misogyny, racism, war and irrational, crazed thinking. He represents everything that we should be working to change in our world and in our societies.

And, he has been successful (at least as far as getting money and power) in his life.  He has managed to get by being a real jerk and gotten just about everything that he has ever wanted.   So, it follows that he should believe that he would able to continue to act like a kicking, tantruming, spitting toddler and become the President of the United States.

If you ask me, this is all a game.  He wants to see if he can manage to pull this one out.  And, so far, he has terrifyingly good odds. I never thought he would make it this far. I laughed at him.  I chuckled. I believed so fully in Americans that I felt sure that we couldn’t follow-up our first Black President and legalization of gay marriage with him.

I am no political expert and I have never been one to present myself as such.  But, this issue feels like a serious one to me.  There’s a bad feeling that he gives me… and not just me… lots of other people.  He has eerie similarities to Hitler. That is not something that I would say lightly.  I would never proclaim such a thing about a person unless I felt strongly that they did, indeed, remind me of Hitler.

So, why do you care what I have to say?

Why should you listen?

I don’t know.   I have very little power, and just as little  money. I live in a small house, drive cheap cars and I write for a living.  I am not exactly a worthy opponent against Trump. But, I can vote.  And I can publish my feelings so that if he does actually win I can say that I made some small attempt at trying to convince one or two people to re-think their vote.  I just want to know that I have made my case and that a few people have, maybe, listened.

So, I guess you can call this a plea. I hate the sound of that, but I don’t know how else to define it.  I am asking every person who happens to read this, who happens to be voting for Trump, to please sit down and think long and hard about what he truly represents and what he stands for. Read a bit about Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and other such leaders.  If you’ll stop for a minute, pause, and think… and you still want to vote for him, then that is your right.  It makes me sad and scared, but it is your right as an American to vote for whoever you want… and that’s what makes America great.  But, if we want to “make American great again,” I know that Trump is not the guy.

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