An Atheist’s Origin Storybook for Kids

5042037629_255cafa641_zHow do you explain where we came from to a child?  If you don’t believe in God, or any spiritual realm, then this can get tricky.  For one, it’s a confusing concept.  Secondly, it’s kind of a bizarre concept.

As adults with reason and logic, we have come to accept the theory of Evolution. But, many of us don’t really understand it, ourselves. It makes a certain amount of intuitive sense to  us, because we have some basic scientific understanding.

But, for kids, the fact that our species has formed over millions of years is extraordinarily abstract.  They can’t even fathom that much time (I mean, we can’t, either).  And, our first ancestors were FISH?  Whaaaaat?


I can see why it is soooo much easier to tell the Adam and Eve story to kids. But, thinkers and secularists needed a way to share the story of human origin in a way that makes sense to US.  That is just what this beautifully illustrated book has done.

What  I really, really love about this book is that it is so well-written and explains the concept in a very basic and simple way.  It also engages children with its beautiful illustrations, as well as questions for them to answer on each page.grandmother firsh

They are also invited to wiggle, chomp, talk, walk and more.  Encouraging activity and participation in the story is a genius move on the part of the author – Jonathan Tweet.  He has a firm grasp on what makes for a wonderful children’s book.



Watch this quick video from the book’s Kickstarter campaign to learn a bit more:


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