Why I tell My Kids that They are Weird Every Single Day



I tell my sons, constantly, that they are weird.  People who don’t know me, must think… “What crazy bitch mom,” sometimes. I get that impression from the sideways glances that I get from moms at Target.  But, the thing is that I say it with genuine affection and adoration.  I think most people can sense that, but if they can’t, oh well.  I love my weirdo kids.

Why do I tell my kids that they are weird?

First of all, everyone is weird.

Second, the joy in life comes from embracing every weird thing about yourself.

Third,  my sons are (at least in my opinion) exceptionally weird.

Fourth, I don’t see how it is a bad thing to tell a kid.

When I tell my sons that they are weird they know what I mean.  They know that I mean  that they are unique and unusual and special and awe-inspiring, in the eyes of their mother.  They know that I find them funny, smart and totally original.  I am constantly blown away by the things that they do and say.


Here are some pics of my weird kids…







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