Ten Suggestions for a Better Life (Loosely Based on The Ten Commandments) From an Atheist/Humanist

The Ten Commandments are some basic rules set out by god in the bible.  They are simply written and very clear.  They are not really up for much interpretation (unless you refute that they were written by God, which is a whole other argument that we won’t address here.)

I think a lot of people have difficulty understanding what a secular humanist moral code would look like.   If no one is telling us what is right and wrong, how can we be sure of our own goodness?

Well, here’s the thing: Humanism is a really simple concept.  And, if you are open-minded enough to listen to my personal interpretation of the biblical commandments, you may be able to get a better idea just how we manage this thing called life.

So, here are the originals….

And here are my suggestions, which are specifically created to a parallel the original set of laws:

ten suggestions for a better life.png

Now, which set of “rules” sounds more realistic, more loving and more congruent with what you know to be true?

You may see value in both sets of laws.  If that is the case, you may be a Christian humanist.  That means that you are a person who identifies as Christian but is more interested in living a life of kindness and service than anything else.

Whatever the case may be, it shouldn’t be so difficult to understand how following the suggestions might have extremely similar results to following the commandments, right?


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The time will come when, with elation, you will greet yourself arriving at your own door.You are good just as you are and are able to make decisions for yourself.



Never speak unnecessary ill of yourself, or others.


beliefs quote

Stop expecting others’ versions, or likenesses, of life to be the same as yours.  Do not allow yourself believe things that you know, within your heart, not to be true. 


pablo (10)

Remember to set aside times of rest, relaxation and bonding with those that you love.


Maintain respect for the people that came before you, for your history and your lineage/culture.


pablo (4)

Don’t kill anyone. To take human life is to create a ripple effect through others’ lives as well.  It is only acceptable to kill when defending your own safety.  Murder creates chaos and hate.


pablo (39)

If you choose to partner with another human, be sure that you are always honest and upfront with that person.  Keep whatever agreements you two have, sexual or otherwise.


harper lee quote.png

Don’t take stuff from people.  Do not take advantage of other people.  Do not use your own privilege of power for bad.


What is right is not always popular.

Don’t lie.  Specifically, never lie when it will hurt another person. Never lie because it’s “easier.”


pablo (12)

Be happy for others’ successes, help others achieve their goals and try to keep the human inclination to envy others at bay. 


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