2016 Writing Contest Details!


Thank you for your interest in the contest and your patience in my getting the details together for  you.  I am pleased to announce the rules and due dates for our 1st annual writing contest.


Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Choose a visual writing prompt from the Writer’s Corner section of the site.
  2. Write ANYTHING using the prompt.  Please limit the word count to 1,000.  If it is a larger piece, please submit an excerpt.
  3. Submit your piece by February 29th. Submit pieces here.
  4. All are welcomed to enter.  There are no restrictions as to who can submit a piece for review.


Jessica Gray and Jaclyn Brzezinski

Gift Card


The winner will be announced on March 15th.

There will be ONE (1) winner who will receive a $25 Visa gift card.  

The winner will also have their piece posted on the site with a bio, photo, and byline.

Happy Writing!

Enter via Google Form


HEY!  Want to support the site?  Shop Heathen Hippie

Or donate via Gofundme

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