Is Your Kid Argumentative, or Just a Thinker?

Why in the world did you got stuck with the most stubborn kid on Earth?  

Why doesn’t the kid ever just go with the flow?  

Why can’t he just take what you, or his teacher, or his grandma, or the tv, say at face value?  

Sound familiar?

Congratulations,  you likely have a critical thinker on your hands.

critical thinking kids

Which, in all honesty, can make them a pain in the butt sometimes.  Take a look at that last little note in brown: These kids are not going to say “Oh OK” just because you said so, mama.  You have more to prove to them.  And, that is a good  thing… though it can be exhausting.

The pyramid below illustrates a theory in education about the levels of thinking and how they progress.  You cannot really  get to the top, without building the bottom foundational layers of knowledge. This is important.  Very important.

Basically, they have got to ask a ton of questions and think a whole lot about something for it to really become useful knowledge, in order for them to really assimilate it and in order for it to feel like it is their own…

critical thinking infograph.jpg

Critical thinking kids will always be building new knowledge, asking new questions and taking new perspectives.  They will be open to new friendships and excited about new cultures.  They will grow up to be the kind of people we need.

So, please encourage them to THINK. Never squash that desire to learn.  Never tell them to stop asking questions.  Sure, a well placed “because I said so…” is a mother’s (or dad’s) right.  But, in general, encourage thoughtful questioning and ask them questions back. Teach them how to share opposing opinions in the right way.  Show them how to behave when debating someone with whom they do not agree.  Model the thinking that you would like to see from them.

You may find that what you thought was an argumentative child is just an inquisitive one…







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