I Write this Stuff because I am Not Supposed to…


Sometimes, people tell me that I am brave for what I share with the world.  But, I don’t see it that way.  I also often get asked if I worry about the effects that my writing on my site and on social media, etc. will alienate me from some employers.

The honest answer? No. Not at all. I am not saying anything online that I should have to hide. It is all true.

I am actually disturbed, and confused as to why this is still a big deal.  What am I writing that blows everyone away?  Apparently, that I am an atheist, that I believe in thinking things through and that I am not willing to hide myself or my family because other people don’t like who we are…


The only thing that I ever worry about is if I might ever write too much about my sons that would later embarrass them or hurt them. I worry about my oldest son who has special needs because I hate to think that I may be ‘outing’ him in some way to people, should he prefer not everyone know.  But, I don’t want him to limit himself in life.  If I start limiting him now, hiding his “flaws’, and stigmatizing him by omitting the existence of a huge part of his life – I am teaching him that he is not good enough as he is.  So, I can’t do that.

But, I digress, as always…

The general consensus is that admitting to be an atheist in America is about equivalent to admitting to violent and horrifying crimes like rape and murder.  It’s unbelievable.  So, here’s what I am not going to allow – I am not going to allow the world to have that perception.  The perception can only exist until we (the atheist community) stop allowing it to do so.  So, I am going to keep writing MY truth until no one even bats an eye anymore…

But, it’s not that easy for everyone.  Not everyone can openly admit their atheism in the U.S.  I certainly know that there are many countries globally that deal with atheism in the same way that they do murder and rape.  The death sentence is a real risk for these people.  Bloggers in the Middle East speaking out about their atheist or agnostic beliefs have been executed for writing less than I have on this site.  Believe me.

That’s not something that I am willing to overlook.    Until more and more average atheists in America start “coming out’ (Yes, I have seriously had friends describe it to me this way), we’re screwed. 

So, if I am writing myself into some sort of corner from which I will no longer be able to work at certain jobs or for certain people, then so be it.  As a matter of fact, maybe I am subconsciously writing myself into this corner on purpose.  I am OK with that sacrifice in order to feel confident that I am being myself.  A great job with a 6 figure income means nothing if you don’t get to just be you. 

Cliche. I know.


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