What’s Keeping You From Your Goals?

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I think it could be a really interesting 5-10 minute exercise to write down the who, what, when and where of  your personal and professional goals.  I would try and limit each answer to one sentence just so that you can really narrow down your vision.

Here is what I wrote for my professional goals (which also happen to be a bit personal):

Who? Me, my kids, my husband and a whole lot of other awesome Humanists.

What? I will create a website that is inspiring, helpful, interesting and full of heart so that people like me can find a home on the Internet.

When? Right now, and every day forever…

Where? In my office, at my desk, in  a small home on a huge piece of land with tons of trees, wildlife and quiet.

How? Hard work every day and commitment to excellence in my writing and in my personal dealings with others.

Now, YOU give it a try!







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