Atheism is NOT a religion.


How is it hard to understand?  It seems so simple.

It is not a way of life. (Humanism, on the other hand, is a way of life.)  Atheism is not a habit.  It is simply that we do not believe in a god or gods.  It is a way of thinking, perhaps, but there are no rules to follow in order to be an atheist.

But, I forget that a lot of people’s entire life framework is centered on their faith.  Therefore, it would almost be like saying, “I don’t have ankles.” It’s incomprehensible.

“No ankles?  But how?”

How do we do it?” is the question here.  We need to start conversations about Atheism that actually shed light on who in the hell we are.

Here’s what I would like for believers to know about me… I am not a follower of any religion. However, I still get through my days with a decent amount of success.  I raise two kids, pay bills, keep a healthy marriage going, etc.

I am managing without ankles, you see.  I have adapted past ankles… I have evolved. I can now walk perfectly well without ankles.

It may seem crazy to you, at first, that I am doing it but if I do it for a while, then you will see it can be done successfully and (maybe, just maybe) start understanding my point of view. I have no interest in telling anyone how to think, but understanding never hurts… ever.

Some good stuff from Penn Teller:


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