6 Simple Examples of Humanism that can be Practiced in Everyday Life

Humanism comes in many forms and there are many different ways in which to practice humanism.  It is often a philosophical viewpoint held by atheists who want to live with purpose. However, there is no rule that says you must be an atheist in order to be a humanist.

Read this article to learn a bit more.

OK, now that you have read that.  What do you think?  Is it something that excites and interests you?

If so, start right now.

Getting started requires nothing but a desire to change your worldview and enjoy human relationships in a deeper and more meaningful way.  It will naturally follow that you will become happier in your own life and more confident with your decisions, and outcomes.

You may also want to consider visiting the American Humanist Association’s website.

Start today with these simple examples of humanism that can  be practiced in your everyday life:

  1. Choosing to focus on others’ strengths.
  2. Paying attention to the similarities between yourself and others, rather than the differences.
  3. Recognizing when others are in need, and attempting to help.
  4. Claiming responsibility over your own life. Making choices and accepting the consequences.
  5. Acting with tolerance toward all people, of all cultures.
  6. Setting goals, working toward them and helping others to do the same.  Getting creative and helping others to find their own voices is also a part of this.

Then, wait a couple of weeks and see how your life unfolds…


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