The Funniest Women on TV are Here to Stay!

Inside Amy Schumer and Broad City, two of my personal favorite shows in the history of ever, are renewed for another season.  I’m not surprised, just happy.  I am even more pumped that that they have both already been renewed for 2 more seasons.

Amy Schumer by Mario Santor.jpg

In particular, Amy Schumer is the most hysterical woman on the planet Earth.  Her show is so smart and funny and gross and I think men really respond to her, too.  Although this guy comedian doesn’t and explains his stance very eloquently.

There are two ways to approach the task of winning over an audience: be generic and forgettable, making sure you say nothing that could ruffle even a single feather, or be unique in a way that draws people in to your point of view.

When you do the latter, you start to become a better comedian. Not everyone will enjoy your act, but you won’t be basic. You’ll be finding your voice, and your audience. You’re no longer hoping you’ll make people laugh; you trust in yourself. You look for that Malcolm Gladwell tipping point, where more people are with you than ambivalent.

That’s where Amy Schumer is. She took her point of view to the top, and fair or not, being there makes her a target. It happens all the way down the line, though. I’m nobody, and I have critics.

-Nathan Timmel via Huffington Post


OK, so, as usual, I digress…

Her show is totally coming back and I’m psyched.  Here’s a clip that makes me laugh.

File:Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer at Internet Week 11.jpg

As for the Broad City girls, they bring unique and refreshing personalities to TV.  They are every bit as gross and raunchy and every bit as hypersexual as men in their early 20s. They’re girls who get too drunk on wine at restaurants, smoke pot, love to have sex, dress however they want and who are as socially awkward as can be about 99.9% of the time.  In short, they’re me… or at least in a lot of ways.  (Well, they would be me if I was not a total MOM who drives a minivan, that is.)

Here they are being the super-cool besties that we all wish we had:


Oh, and I guess we also share the love of a triple boob grab. So, there’s that.

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