Why is America Wasting such Important Resources?

Sam Zell on our most underutilized resource in America. (Forbes.com)

The video is super short, so click and watch.  It’ll only take a sec but the  words are powerful.


books, magazines, building

Don’t get me wrong.  Americans are not the only ones who are wasting their most precious resource.  All over the world, women are kept from achieving much of anything.   Kids who are exposed to trauma or war are often orphaned, uneducated and impoverished.  Children who experience abuse from their parents, or others, are far more likely to experience problems later in life.  Mental illness goes left unchecked and people lose themselves in drugs and alcohol.  

When we don’t invest in the people around us, we cheat them but we also cheat ourselves.  When we fail our children, when we fail to educate and inspire young people, we fail our society.

We have to invest in  that most precious resource – immigrants, minorities, poor kids, handicapped (or, in some way, special) kids – whatever form that resource takes and whatever shape each specific child fills up in this world.  There’s a spot for them in this puzzle called life.  We just have to make room.


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