Deaf Daddy’s Facial Expressions are Priceless.

I just love Daddies!  Good dads are the sexiest guys in the world.  I think almost every mom agrees.  I mean, we all have our types but – at the end of the day – we want the tattooed version, or the preppy version, or the dorky version, etc… of THIS guy.

My boys are growing up with a nurturing daddy and will grow up to be nurturing daddies, as well.  I think that is true for many American boys.

(Disclaimer here: I wish there weren’t disparities across racial and economic lines.  I also do not think that children who are being raised without fathers are in any way receiving lesser parenting.  I think in most cases, the people who are giving up the most are the single moms. I am also very aware that there are many single dads out their kicking parenting’s ass and they are awesome.  So, no, I am not overlooking them. Please do not flood the comments angrily.)

Point of this whole post: The progress in the childrearing department in the last decade or so has been phenomenal! So… woo hoo!


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