Why it’s OK to curse at the kids!! (It’s seriously hilarious… and also kind of true.)


Is swearing really the worst thing that we can do in front of our kids?  This hilarious article on Scarymommy.com explains why moms and dads deserve to swear. Dammit it all to hell!

My personal favorite reason why mom and dad get to swear and we don’t give a shit what the kids think?:

# 5. Because I have given up so much shit already.

At the altar of motherhood, I have already sacrificed sleeping, sanity, perky boobs, my knowledge of popular music, career opportunities, manicured nails, all of our money, fashion, an understanding of current events, the energy to complete even a TV marathon, slim-fit jeans—I could go on. Must I also give up my communication style and my preferred mode of self-expression? Oh, fuck no, babies, no fucking way.

Of course, there are limits.  The “Ho Ho Ho” christmas picture that went viral this year might be an example of going over the top.

But, in the big picture, is cursing in front of your kids really the worst thing that you can do?

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