No. Russell Brand, You Don’t Get it.

source on Youtube: SecularTalk 

This is all in response to this video.

Allow me to retort…

The real difference between an atheist and a theist, people, is that we do not believe what we do not have evidence to support.   Is there consciousness? Yes.  Could that possibly be the work of some divine spirit? I guess.  But, isn’t it a little far-fetched?

We get it.  Life is mysterious.  Life is fascinating and beautiful and bizarre. That doesn’t mean that some higher power created it.  There is simply no evidence to prove that.

Certain patterns and formulas, if you will, are found across nature. Yes. That is obvious and that is amazing.  It is a stunning fact.  Absolutely.  The types of colors that can be found in tropical fish are a very basic example of something absolutely extraordinary that happens naturally.  Some would attribute this to God.  They would say that God created the colorful fish.  But, why?

So we could look at them and feel happy, right?  It’s all here for us in some way.  Somebody built us a bizarre amusement park and they are watching and controlling us and, like, giving us little hints all of the time.  Then, when we die we will go live with this person who will give us everything that we want like some little child who managed not to wet the bed.  Thank you, God!  Thanks for letting me in. Thanks for not damning me to eternal suffering.  What a shitty fucking “father.” If that guy lived next door, I might call social services.

But, I digress.  The bottom line is that I have not been given any good reason to believe in a higher power.  But, that is really OK because my life is awesome, my kids are healthy and happy and I’m happily married. And, here’s the thing –  I have had a great life in so many ways, but I have also suffered.  I would like to think that that was random and not handed down as punishment from some angry old dude.

OK, but that’s not YOUR Christianity or Islam or Judaism… etc…


That means you are not an asshole.  And I appreciate that. You aren’t a hateful hypocrite and we can totally be friends.  I don’t think you’re dumb. Just like I don’t think Russell Brand is dumb.

I just  strongly disagree with what I see as a blind acceptance of fairy tales. I see the purpose in these stories and/or myths.  They have a great deal of value. But, that doesn’t make the stories TRUE.

I think that it simplifies a complex concept (human existence and consciousness) to say that some higher power did it… rather than millennia upon millennia of evolution and adaptation and scientific investigation.

And all of that investigation, human innovation, art and music and dance and on and on and on… That is beautiful.  That is human curiosity.  And, if I am going to put my faith in anything, it’s going to be in the power of our curiosity.  Our curiosity is where progress happens and that’s exactly what has made us into the beautiful things that are humans.  Humanity is beautiful, but it can’t ever be truly beautiful until we love one another.  It leaves an ugly stain on our legacy.  Progress is always the key.  Progress is always the way toward better lives and a better world.

But, the cool thing is that I know that you believe that God is the key and that God is the way.  And, again, that’s fine.  Just be cool.  Don’t try and make me do anything that I don’t want to do.  Don’t hurt my kids or burn down my house.  Don’t attempt to terrorize and murder other humans in the name of that faith.  And, we can totally agree to disagree.


Recommended Reading:

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

My Booky Wooky: A Memoir of Sex, Drugs and Stand Up by Russell Brand

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