Studies Support Henry David Thoreau’s Assertions from Over a Century Ago

Whether or not you believe in God, an argument for spending time outdoors can always be made.  It is relaxing, enjoyable, promotes healthy activity and makes us feel closer to our roots.  If you are a parent, you have certainly been informed about just how important outdoor play is for children.

But, it is important for adults too!

Henry David Thoreau is, of course, known for going into the woods to write a book.  And, when he emerged, he shared his experiences living in nature in Walden.

And, a recent study out of Baylor University supports his assertions. They found that…

Counties with higher levels of natural amenities were associated with lower rates of religious affiliation. According to the researchers, their findings suggest that natural features, like beautiful weather, mountains and waterfronts, “may be a spiritual resource that supplies a portion of the population’s spiritual needs.”

source: Huffington Post

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