A Little Llama Celebrates the Holidays


I don’t know if this is a problem for a lot of people but sometimes, when attempting to find holiday books that are secular, as well as humanist, it can be tough.  There aren’t a lot of great children’s books that are as non-discriminatory as this lovely little book.  If you have little ones, you have probably heard of at least some of the stories in the “Llama Llama” series and this is yet another awesome one.

In this book, there is no direct discussion of acceptance, humanism or even the fact that others celebrate other holidays.  The author just never references a specific holiday.  Though it is heavy in “Christmassy” imagery, there is not a single reference to Christmas, or any other specific holiday for that matter.  There are also dreidels, menorahs, etc. shown in the illustrations.  But, again, the author is not taking an “in your face” approach.  It feels more genuine that way.  And I like that.

It is engaging for small kids and rhymes in a simple, melodic way.  My sons love it and if it is important to you that your kids have a more well-rounded view of the holidays (or that they don’t become too attached to one specific one) then this may be the best holiday book that you could possibly purchase!


Llama, Llama Holiday Drama by Anna Dewdney


This is a new addition to both my book club picks as well as my kids’ picks list.  Check them out for more suggestions.  Happy Holidays!

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