The Importance of a Legacy for an Atheist

pablo (11)

When you are an atheist, nothing matters more than your legacy.  It is what you leave behind when you go. I don’t mind that there’s no afterlife (Sure. Sometimes it’s scary. But, overall, it’s not something I am deeply concerned about.)

Atheism frees me up to live my fullest life and not sit around waiting on an inevitable and uncontrollable event.  But, it still matters to me what happens after I die.

I want to know that when I go there are pieces of my heart scattered everywhere. I want my sons and my grandkids, and whoever else I leave behind, to be so filled up with my love that I am never gone.

My dad died when I was a teenager but he still lives in me. I still remember his love and I still feel his energy (not his presence, let’s be clear). I know he is still a part of me in every way. He planted a million seeds in me.

So, with the holidays upon me, I want to focus on building that kind of legacy with my kids. Because, when it’s all over, that’s what matters. That’s how I will live forever.

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