Adaptability, Transformational ? # 1

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I recently received a list of transformational questions as a Christmas present.  What a great gift!

It features some really great open-ended, thought-provoking inquiries.  I will be sharing my own answers to some of them here and I hope that you will consider the questions, as well.  Share your own answers in the comments if you so desire!

Question 1.

What new patterns can I invite into my life?

Habits and patterns are sometimes seen as a sign of inflexibility and aren’t generally associated with adapting.  However, when we invite NEW habits, rituals and patterns into our lives, we are changing up the game!

Here are a few new habits that I would LIKE to take root in my life and that I think will help me to adapt, rather than hinder me:


  1. Talk to new people.  I tend to be a bit quiet when I meet new people.  I hope that I am not rude, but I am generally in my “own world.” My friends and family laugh about it.  I can be a bit lazy in new relationships.  I tend to expect others to come to me.  I would like to make a habit of initiating conversations more often… Let’s say once a day as an immediate goal.bench-people-smartphone-sun-large
  2. Read more.  I love to read, but I rarely do.  I like to blame a lack of time, but I do manage to do other things with my free time.  I play games on my smartphone, peruse social media and watch junk reality TV so, as my husband often points out,  I do have time to read.  I just seem to keep it low on my priority list.  I want to get into the habit of reading an actual book at least once a day. I would particularly like to read more fiction.vintage-old-book-document-large
  3. Talk to my kids.  I do talk to my kids a great deal but sometimes I talk “at” them more than to them.  It’s not that I mean to, but I can get a bit of a drill sergeant mentality.  I want to make a habit of sitting and talking with each of them for a devoted 5 minutes per day about WHATEVER they want to talk about.  (I have a feeling that I will be talking a great deal about minions and christmas lights.pexels-photo-large (8)



I think these are all manageable, reasonable, attainable goals that will help me to grow and adapt to my environment.  I am excited to see if I am able to keep up with them.  I will update you guys on my progress.

Please share your own answers in your comments!




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