A Totally Unsolicited Lecture from a Thoroughly Annoyed Liberal

Hello, my liberal friend. Despite our best efforts to pretend that it has not happened, or to scream and yell about it,  Donald Trump is still our president-elect.  That’s not changing… whether we like it or not.  And, a lot of us don’t. But, there seems to be a really strong stigma against anyone who…


Mantra for the Day: Everyone is Crazy

Hi! How are you?  Going nuts?  Feeling overwhelmed?  Need a nap?  Forget what you were even doing a minute ago? How is your hair?  Did you get enough coffee this morning?  How are you feeling lately? Are you crazy? Yes. You are. Aren’t you?  You’re nuttier than a Snickers bar.  Don’t deny it.  Just embrace…


Mantra for the Day: You Can’t Know what You Don’t Know

It applies to pretty much every situation in life and can be a motivator or a reminder to chill out. It can be used to celebrate success or lessen the blow of rejection. The sentence sends a powerful message that most of us humans just don’t like. It’s scary.

Think Rationally, Live Better

Feeling worried, stressed out or tired today? Well, about 90 % of our worry or anxiety comes from totally irrational nonsense that we have made up in our own minds… Take a look at my article entitled, “Worry, Prayer and Rational Thinking” on Patheos’ blog, “Secular Spectrum” And, think about what these amazing people had to…

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Stop Pretending Nothing is Happening while Black Men Die

In case you have been under a rock this morning: A black man was shot and killed by the Charlotte, NC police (CMPD) yesterday afternoon and there have been many conflicting reports about whether the man was armed. I live right outside of Charlotte, and I went to UNC-Charlotte. Last night, there were riots at…


“Finding Atheism” – One Reader’s Story of Abuse & Drugs… & the Secular Life that Saved Her

A while back I requested that people share some of their Atheist “coming out stories.”  (If you would like to share yours please click on the link above and scroll to the bottom and fill out the Google form.) And, I got some good ones.  But, I have been remiss in that I have not shared…


Single Parents are BEASTS

It’s been a rough day here at the Gray household.  It’s been a rough couple of days, if I am honest. You see, my kids have lost their shit.  But, I am starting to see my part in it.  I am inconsistent and I (boo! hiss!) yell at them.  I am a part of the…